We advise corporate legal departments in the areas of Improving Legal Operating Models, Legal Tech Consulting and Legal Market Intelligence


We have expertise in helping legal departments plan, select, and implement the right legal technology, to achieve its performance objectives. We regularly track and demo the leading tools, and utilise the intelligence to help our clients improve efficiency and productivity. We outline an adoption plan, and help the team integrate the technology into their regular operations.


We help General Counsels understand the best practices in some of the most successful legal departments, by analysing the legal operating model. The Legal Operating Model study identifies the various roles of the legal team, defines competency levels, team structure, sourcing strategy, the critical legal technology and processes, compliance framework. Used as benchmarking tools by General Counsels, our bespoke reports have helped to restructure legal teams and improve operating models in line with the business objectives.


Legal Operating Models also include setting up Global Shared Services centres. We also help Legal Departments make better decisions around insourcing, outsourcing and planning legal budgets.  


We assist legal departments in structuring their internal compensation and benefits systems. Our bespoke compensation reports provide current data on compensation levels at peer organisations. These reports are used in annual compensation benchmarking exercises.

We also provide bespoke market intelligence reports in the areas of talent strategy, service provider mapping and technology.