Decoding the Next-Gen Legal Professional – July 2020

The study sets out to capture the practitioner's perspective of the practice of law and the skills required of lawyers in the rapidly transforming legal environment. BML Munjal University (BMU) and Vahura together curated this study wherein legal professionals shared their perspectives on the impact of technology on the legal profession, the skills and attributes required for the next generation lawyer to survive, and thrive in our legal ecosystem.

Vahura Insights Issue 5 – June 2020

This edition of Vahura Insights focuses on the changing role of Public Policy Departments in corporate India. Through this initiative, we sought to understand how public policy departments are developing, gauging the
progress they have made so far, in addition to identifying their greatest challenges. We were also keen to understand how Public Policy Teams are structured and identify the key areas where they add the most value.

GC Survey 2020

This survey was curated by Vahura to draw insights on how legal departments within Corporates are preparing to tackle the impact of the pandemic on their business during such unprecedented times ensuring business continuity. We have also tried to identify the shift in demand for some of the Dispute and Non-Dispute related practice areas in the current scenario.

Vahura Best Law Firms To Work - 2018  

With a host of submissions and client-based rankings in place, the inaugural Vahura Best Law Firms to Work Survey - 2018 is unique in that it exclusively relies on what lawyers think about the firms they practice in. It is a ranking by lawyers, about lawyers, for lawyers. The rankings in this report are the product of survey responses provided by over 1200 lawyers which comprise over 10% of law firm lawyers in India.

ELC Virtual Meet 2020 – Summary & Takeaways

With the pandemic disrupting our quarterly in-person meet of the Enterprise Leaders Circle (ELC), we pivoted to our first Virtual Meet on April 30, 2020. This is a brief note on some of the key takeaways and learnings from the compelling discussions of Speakers and Changemakers. The theme was "From Necessity to Innovation: Strategies and Practices for Disruptive Times”.

Vahura Insights Issue 4 – July 2019

This edition of Vahura Insights will focus on how Corporate Legal Departments approach their budgeting process through insights drawn from the Vahura Legal Budget Survey 2019 (In-House Edition) and qualitative interviews with select GCs. We also studied existing best practices in preparing budgets for in-house legal teams.

Vahura Insights Issue 3 – December 2018

This edition of Vahura Insights will focus on how In-house legal teams are using technology to enhance performance. The Vahura Legal Tech Survey 2018, was a response to the high level of interest from General Counsel (GC) on how technology is being used, and how it can be better leveraged.

Vahura Insights Issue 2 – March 2018

In this edition of Vahura Insights, we look at how the gap between Total Rewards in International and Indian companies are reducing in recent times This piece is a comparative analysis of how International and Indian companies use Total Rewards as a tool within their legal teams in India.

Vahura Insights Issue 1 – May 2017

In this edition of VahuraInsights, we look at some interesting insights on increments, hot sectors, and gender parity in the in-house legal space. We regularly survey lawyers across the law firm and in-house domains. This report presents some of our findings on issues relating to work and professional advancement.

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